For years after having my two oldest children, I was plagued by chronic lower back pain and hips that always felt out of whack.  Maybe it was from carrying my kids around on my left hip all the time, while also doing everyday tasks like making breakfast, carrying laundry, emptying the dishwasher.  Whatever the cause, it wasn't good.

I wasn't mindful about how I used my body.  I didn't have the self awareness or the perspective that I do now.

Pilates literally changed my life.  It helped me to connect with my inner strength.  I became intentional with how I moved my body and how I stood.  With regular Pilates exercises and self awareness, I have been able to alleviate my back pain.  I have discovered that I am much stronger than I ever thought possible.

Not only has Pilates made me a more agile and stronger mother so I can play with my kids and handle the physical demands of being a mom of three, but it has also helped me so much with my running.  When I get tired in the later stages of a long run or a tough race, I'm able to engage my core muscles and maintain good posture and form.  It has helped with efficiency, speed, confidence and injury prevention.

Pilates is a regular part of my routine.  I believe it is "the fountain of youth," if there is such a thing.

It is never too late to start caring for your body!!

Curious to see some Pilates in action and learn a little more about the exercises?  Check out this 5 minute Pilates for Runners video that my sister Jodi and I put together for the Zooma Women's Race Series. 

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