Thursday, September 6, 2012

An awesome giveaway - Endorphin Warrior Training Bracelet!!

I cannot say enough about how much I LOVE Endorphin Warrior Training Bracelets.  When I was first introduced to this product I knew that I simply HAD to have one.  I wrote a review and hosted a giveaway almost exactly one year ago -- you can read that post by clicking HERE.

At the time, I was working so hard to set a new giant PR in the marathon.  I wanted to improve my time by an hour or more and I wanted to qualify for Boston for the first time ever.  It took a lot of hard work and dedication.  It took a lot of courage.  It took a tremendous amount of sacrifice and patience.  More than anything though, it took BELIEVING in myself.  I had no hope of accomplishing my goal if I did not have faith in myself.  If I did not BELIEVE I could do it.  When I ordered my first bracelet, I knew right away which word would speak to me the most ...

I wore my bracelet for every training run and for every race.  It took three marathons and goodness knows how many training runs and track workouts, but finally last spring at RnR DC I ran a 3:34:46 and accomplished my goal.  A PR of more than an hour and my first ever Boston qualifying time.

When I was getting ready for Hood to Coast with Nuun this year, I was beyond excited that Endorphin Warrior would be sending us each a bracelet for this epic adventure.  Once again I knew exactly what word I would need.  This time, I picked BREATHE.  It is a simple thing but so easy to forget to control when I am running.  One of my favorite and most powerful personal mantras has always been BREATHE, BELIEVE.  So I brought my old bracelet with me and wore both of them together, the entire time.

I admit I am really into arm candy.  I love bracelets and especially bracelets that I can sweat in (just ask my running buddies and my friends from HTC).  I am also really into mantras - running is like meditation in motion for me.  I know that the mind is a powerful thing.  When I am struggling on a run whether at the track, on the trail or in a race, I find that a simple word or phrase can do wonders for helping me push through the toughest moments.  My Endorphin Warrior bracelets are a quick and cool reminder to get myself together when I start losing focus.  I love them.

I am so excited to be hosting another giveaway of this awesome product!  To enter, all you have to do is go to the Endorphin Warrior web site HERE and leave me a comment telling me which bracelet key word you would choose if you win.  It's as simple as that!!

For EXTRA entries, you can do the following.  Please leave a separate comment for each entry, otherwise you will not get as many entries!

** Follow @EndorphnWarrior on Twitter and tweet: I want to win the @EndorphnWarrior bracelet giveaway from @paceofme

** Follow Endorphin Warrior on Facebook

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** Follow Pace of Me on Facebook

I will accept entries until next Thursday, 9/13 and will announce the winner on Friday 9/14.  I should tell you I was not paid to do this - I love the bracelet that Endorphin Warrior gave me and I'm excited to spread the word about them and to facilitate giving one to a lucky reader of my blog!!


I've had the "believe" bracelet in my cart for over a week- so that's my first choice! Love lots of them, though!

i follow you on Twitter (which you know :))

I stalk you via facebook and twitter....you are soooo aware of this. And because of you, I BELIEVE!!

I would definitely select the "believe" bracelet. I had a friend make me a necklace with that charm on it, and I even have it tattooed on my wrist!

I followed paceofme on twitter (@redemily1)

I follow pace of me on facebook.


It's also my go-to song when I need a pick me up. :)

I. Love. These. Bracelets!!!!!!!


I followed Pace of Me on Twitter!


I followed @EndorphnWarrior on Twitter!


Annnd, I'm following you on twitter!

Finally, I followed EndorphinWarrior on twitter and tweeted about it!

I love the "persevere" bracelet!

I follow Pace of Me on fb.

I liked endorphin warrior on fb.

I would love the Warrior bracelet!

I follow Endorphwarrior on twitter too!

I also follow paceofme on twitter!!

I"m not entering, as I want someone else to win one of these fab bracelets, but congrats on your great attitude and accomplishments. That's fantastic.

I followed @EndorphnWarrior and tweeted it!

I loved seeing your bracelet picture from HTC on instagram. So hard - I would choose either "Unbreakable" (because frankly, after 2 ACL repairs, I would like to be unbreakable now) or "Breathe"

I follow @EndorphnWarrior on twitter and tweeted! https://twitter.com/cyu888/status/243797181839060994

I liked Endorphin Warrior on FB!!

This is so tough!!! I think I would have to choose the "Believe" one!!! Love what it stands for =) And I love arm candy too =)

I already like Endorphin Warrior on FB!

These bracelets are precious, not in the oh so cute kind of way but the supportive "we got your back" kind of way. A good reminder to ... Have the courage and persevere. I guess right now in my life my time running helps me remember to have the courage to go on, courage to put my shoes on and just go, the courage to keep going...as in life so on the trail...the running trail.
Courage would be the one I would choose if I were to win any one of these.
Congratulations to the winner...this is probably one of those contests that whoever wins this bracelet will need the most in their life right now, a message of support from the universe.

Oh - I've had my eye on these!!! 'Believe' is the one that speaks loudest to me. Had a conversation with my girls just last night about believing I what you cannot see - it's so so powerful :). Thanks for the chance!!!!! Xoxo

Following Endorphn Warrior on twitter!!!!!!

Following endorphin warrior on FB

I follow you on twitter!!!!!!

I love the "persevere" bracelet. Mostly cause it reminds me of a verse I repeated to myself often during my last marathon (Hebrews 12:1) and ended up PRing. I'd love to have that to train with as I shoot for my next PR:-)

I follow Endorphin Warrior on Facebook now:-)

I follow you on twitter already:-)

I follow Endorphin Warrior on twitter now!

I love the "courage" warrior bracelet! Sweet giveaway! Thanks for the chance....

I followed Endorphin Warrior on FB

Oooh, hard to decide between Conquer or Believe!

I'm following @EndorphnWarrior on Twitter and tweeted about the giveaway!

I Follow Endorphin Warrior on Facebook

I'm following Pace of Me on Twitter

I'm following Pace of Me on Facebook

following @EndorphnWarrior on Twitter and tweeted!

If I won, I would choose the "unbreakable" bracelet to wear next to my Invictus tattoo! :)


If I won I would choose strength. I have been an athlete all of my life but until I was a mother, I don't think I truly understood the meaning of the word. This is what I channel when I run.

I like the 26.2. Or the Relentless.

I'm now following you on twitter! :)

I'd definitely choose the Persevere one - seems needed in many areas of life right now, including running.

And I already follow you on FB

I would choose strength because it reminds me of my favorite bible verse 'i can do all things through he who gives me strength.' That's a pretty empowering statement for me.

I have 'believe' too :) It is the one thing I really need to be reminded of.

I love these bracelets, if I got to choose one it would be Focus.

I followed Endorphin Warrior and tweeted the text above

I am following you on Twitter. (@AnnaRathgeber)

I would choose RELENTLESS because to achieve my personal goals I can't stop. I can'tvtake a break. I have to keep going.

I would choose the AS I WALK Warrior Training Bracelet. Thanks!

Ahhh I've wanted the 140.6 bracelet for soooo long! Seeing it everyday would remind me to make the right choices and motivate me through training for the 2013 Ironman Lake Placid :) thanks so much for this giveaway!!

I'm following you on Twitter (@applesarteries)

Following and Tweeted the giveway--Persevere

I would choose BELIEVE. You can do so much if you only believe that you can :)

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I follow them on Twitter and tweeted about the giveaway.


I follow you on Twitter.


I follow you on Facebook :)

I follow you on twitter already :)

I follow them on twitter and tweeted the comment https://twitter.com/LeahKaz7/status/244141704284864514

I like your page on fb already :)

i like Endorphin Warrior's page on fb- yay!! I'm training for my first marathon right now and would love to win!

I would choose "Believe" - these bracelets are so cool!

persevere. when the going gets tough, the tough go running. :)

Follow Endorphin Warrior on Twitter and tweeted: https://twitter.com/loramarie03/status/244151810372300800

I would love the "Focus" bracelet!

I follow Endorphin Warrior on Facebook!

I follow Endorphin Warrior on Twitter and tweeted!

I tweeted!

I'd choose the bracelet that says "Believe"!

I like Endorphin Warrior on facebook too!

I follow Endorphin Warrior on twitter!

Ooh I would SO love one of these...not into girly girl stuff so this is perfect for me. Followed Endorphin Warrior and tweeted!

Followed Endorphin Warrior on Facebook!

Already follow you on twitter (I'm @racingtales!)

And already like your facebook page! Would "love" if I could.... ;)

I would go with Believe for sure.. thats been my mantra for awhile now!

I follow EW on twitter and tweeted about the giveaway!

I would LOVE the 'Believe' one!

I follow Endorphin Warrior on Twitter and tweeted the giveaway!

Also I have followed paceonme and endorphin warrior on twitter an tweeted necessary phrase.

I follow@paceofme on Twitter (@CarliAlice)

I would pick the "strength" bracelet. LOVE it! :)

I followed Endorphin Warrior on Facebook.

I liked you on FB and I absolutely LOVE your picture on there!

I would choose the Believe bracelet because it is my word for 2012.
shuttermom77 at gmail dot com

I follow Endorphin Warrior on Twitter and tweeted https://mobile.twitter.com/CarliAlice/status/244730339501674498?p=v

Tweeted it!


Also - I follow Pace of Me and Endorphin Warrior on Twitter!
The "Strength" bracelet is definitely me!

-Kate (kateskinny "at" me "dot" com)

I followed Pace of me on Twitter!

Breathe is what would speak to me most. Sometimes you just need a moment to breathe, regather yourself and get back after it.

I would choose either the strength or fearless bracelet; I feel both after a good run and pretty much all races :)

UNBREAKABLE - it makes me laugh and inspires me. Ironically, in my last year and half of running, I have had multiple injuries (including a broken rib), so this would be a great reminder that my mind & spirit are unbreakable! ;)

Follow you on FB! (facebook.com/melissyk)

Follow Endorphin Warrior on Facebook (facebook.com/melissyk)

Follow you on Twitter! (@melissyk)

I follow you on FB & my page is following your page on FB (facebook.com/themelissachronicles) :)

I tweeted! https://twitter.com/melissyk/status/245571877253312515

I follow Endorphin Warrior on Facebook

I follow Endorphin Warrior on Twitter

I LOVE the "unbreakable" bracelet!

I would love to have the "Believe" bracelet!

I follow @endorphnwarrior on Twitter!

I tweeted about the giveaway!

I already liked Endorphin Warrior's FB page!

I follow @paceofme on Twitter!

I already liked Pace of Me's FB page!

I Follow Endorphin Warrior on Facebook!

I follow miss Paceofme on twitter!

I follow Paceofme on facebook!

I think I would love "Believe". There are times when I second guess myself, my abilities,and my strength. Sometimes all I need is a simple reminder to bring me back down to earth. I think this bracelet would be a fantastic daily reminder to do just that :)

It's a toss up. I'd either want the unbreakable or believe. or strength. My next tattoo is going to be "strong" very small on the inside of my wrist, I wear a bracelet saying it when I run.

I follow you on twitter. (I'm @CEB82)

I now follow you on facebook.

I already followed Endorphin Warrior on facebook.

I also now follow them on twitter. and I tweeted.

I would love the "Focus" bracelet. Too often I find myself distracted by all of the happenings of life and not truly focusing on taking care of my mental health and my body.

I would pick the "Believe" bracelet. I have been working on believing in myself and the training I have been going through to get me through my first marathon.

I tweeted how I want to win a Believe bracelet!

I follow you on Twitter (MegRoach)

I follow Endorphin Warrior on FB

I also follow @EndorphinWarrior on twitter

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