Tuesday, January 31, 2012

captured on camera

Being an ambassador for lululemon is an honor and a privilege.  I am so grateful to represent this company for many reasons.  The apparel and accessories are made with excellent care using the highest quality fabrics and materials.   Beyond that though, I am inspired by their message and I try to embody it in the way that I live my daily life.  I am so thankful and proud to be a part of the lululemon community and it has been tons of fun to work with them over the last few months.

answer : YES!
Whether it's leading run club, visiting the store to check out the latest new products, spreading the word about this wonderful company and all that it offers, meeting and being inspired by other local ambassadors or training and racing in my favorite gear -- I am loving every minute of it.

And it doesn't stop there.  A couple of months ago I had a photo shoot with the amazingly talented photographer Jonathan Thorpe.  The purpose of this shoot was to take pictures of me doing what I love (running on a trail) in the clothing that I love, just like I do all the time.  The picture would then be blown up to larger-than-life size and hung on the walls of the Tysons Corner store.   Because the walls of lululemon stores are not covered in touched-up pictures of fashion models.  They are instead decorated with un-edited pictures of real people in your community.  Pictures of real people doing what they love.  Real people who are truly passionate about their sport.  I happen to think this is truly awesome.

Will somebody pinch me, please!?

I seriously even still cannot believe this.  The photo shoot was tons of fun.  We went to one of my favorite spots - the beautiful Burke Lake Park in Fairfax, VA.  It was a frigid day - sooo cold - so I wore my black running tights with reflective sparkles, the Swiftly Tech long sleeve shirt in Paris Pink and layered my favorite Cool Racerback tank underneath that.  This is basically my running "uniform" this winter - I wear a version of this for nearly every single winter run.

It was tricky to be photographed running - I ran up and down a small hill over 100 times, no joke.  I am not used to this kind of thing and am sure I was not the easiest athlete to work with.  But Jonathan is insanely talented, extremely nice, patient on a saintly level, as professional as they come and totally fun.  He helped me relax about it and did his thing.  Aside from some shots where I was appalled at my heel striking and a little weirded out by my facial expressions, I am really really happy with the way the pictures turned out.

The other day I was in the store and as soon as I walked in I saw it - the giant picture of me running - hanging on the walls.  I swear to you I will never get tired of seeing it.  I will giggle every time I see it.  It makes me happy.

there I am!
It makes me happy because I hope that when people see it as they are shopping, they will see a woman (a 35 year old marathoning mom of three!) who lives in their community who is running and striving and dreaming and believing.  I hope they will look at it and that it will spark something inside of them.  That they will know that they are capable of whatever they set their minds to.  That it is worth it to take chances and follow their dreams.

I hope it will remind people of how good it feels to do what you love.  And that it is worth it to make the time for activities that build your strength, nurture your spirit, test your limits and help you grow.


Way to be! Love this, and I think the pics turned out GREAT!!!

Beyond awesome. Way to go, momma!!! How exciting!!

Congratulations!! The pics look great!

That is so awesome! Congratulations on being an ambassador & having your picture hanging in the store!

35 marathoning mom of 3... fantastic! That is ecstatic opportunity. And looks like an awesome trail. I imagine most of Virginia is that way? Congrats on being an outstanding Lulumon ambassador!

Very well said. I can't even begin to imagine how insanely proud you must feel. Wonderful pics - you look beautiful and fit! - Kristin

How excellent. You look fab!

CONGRATS Jess!! You totally deserve it. You're pictures look AMAZING!!! I'm so happy and proud of you. Enjoy every moment :) xo

Way to go! What a really awesome opportunity - here's to a great year ahead with LL (and great pics too!). :)

Wow great pictures! How cool you got to do something like that.

That is so exciting! Pics turned out great, you go girl ;)

Your pictures look so great and you look so happy! Awesome.

Those are gorgeous photos. Honestly, I'm scared to go into the Boulder Lululemon store. The people who work there all look 15 years younger than I am and much fitter, like they do nothing but run, do yoga and drink wheatgrass shots. But maybe I'll gin up the courage since you're on the wall there out in your neck of the woods. Besides, I *have* always liked it that they put a water bowl for dogs outside their shop. :^)

I love the pic where you are smiling because that is your natural being. Always so positive and happy! Congrats Jessica.

You look amazing! How COOL!!!

Great pictures! Congratulations!

Congratulations!!! Wow, those pictures look awesome. You must be so proud!!

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