Saturday, January 7, 2012

long run reflections

Today I ran 18 miles.  And I ran them exactly how I hoped I would.

I nailed my goal pace of staying comfortable, somewhere between 8:30-9:30 per mile, until the last three miles when I kicked it up to my targeted marathon race pace of around an 8:00 mile.

Mile 1 - 9:52
Mile 2 - 8:42
Mile 3 - 8:20
Mile 4 - 8:27
Mile 5 - 8:39
Mile 6 - 8:43
Mile 7 - 8:11
Mile 8 - 8:19
Mile 9 - 8:44
Mile 10 - 8:36
Mile 11 - 8:27
Mile 12 - 8:34
Mile 13 - 8:17
Mile 14 - 8:25
Mile 15 - 8:32
Mile 16 - 8:04
Mile 17 -7:53
Mile 18 - 7:47

It's no secret that I'm on a mission to qualify for the 2013 Boston Marathon.  I missed my 3:40:00 qualifying time by less than two minutes at MCM this fall (finishing in 3:41:56).  I was very happy with my new marathon PR when I crossed that Finish Line, but it left me extremely hungry for that BQ time.  Not gonna lie.

I believe, with every ounce of my spirit, that I will GET. IT. DONE. at the Rock n Roll USA Marathon on March 17, 2012.

I'm training smart.  I'm building my mileage.  I'm nailing my paces.  I'm determined and I'm dedicated.

Today's long run proved to me that I'm totally and absolutely capable of doing what I'm setting out to do.  The pace was comfortable the whole way.  And when I kicked it up a notch to my race pace for the last three miles, I wasn't dying.  I was strong.  And I felt stronger and stronger with each mile until I reached the finish of my run, blissed out and exhilarated.  Proud and happy.

Today I overcame stomach issues (a pit stop in the woods at Mile 15 was less than fun).  I conquered self doubt (negative thoughts arise in almost every run, I let them go on their merry way).  I stayed the course and I persevered.  And I will continue to do that until I cross the Finish Line of my next 26.2 on March 17th.  I will not give up.


Awesome....feeling inspired to start marathon training. Now if I could just run.:(

Fantastic splits. Looks like you still had more legs at the end. You're in good shape!

solid! you'll nail 3:40 no sweat! I am terribly at long runs, especially at goal pace - I get too freaked out.

That's awesome that you had such a push at the end! I can't wait to see you BQ in March.

You will get it done girl! Attitude affects more of our progress then we give it credit for, and your positive outlook will serve you well :)

Yay Jessica! That is fantastic, you rock :) P.S. - you are totally going to BQ this year I know it ;)

Great run!!!! You're getting so fast! I see a BQ in your very near future. :)

Magnificent negative splits. You have got this one!!!

Loved reading this. Man, you're fast!! I'm a slow and steady, finish when I finish kind of runner.

What a great run! Congrats on nailing your paces, and a BQ is definitely possible for you in March!!!

Just came across your blog... awesome run! Sounds like you are well on your way to a BQ in March. I look forward to following along! I'm hoping to BQ in the next marathon as well, but I'm not sure yet when that will be. :)

Great post, and amazing run! It's inspiring to see someone so dedicated to a goal and so determined to see it through to the end. Way to go! (Found you through fellow FitFluential Ambassadors; excited to read through some of your posts!)

BQ for you on 3/17!! No doubt. You are amazing. fantastic run.

What a fantastic run, Jess! You are going to crush 3:40!! Look at those last few miles - wow =)

Jess, you are running so strong! I think you should be confident you'll get that BQ in March!! :)

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