Monday, February 28, 2011

sweaty, tired, happy

sweaty, tired and happy
I'm tired...I think the past two weeks of caring for sick kids and my newborn baby and being sick myself plus being postpartum has finally caught up with me.  I'm a "glass half full" kind of person and I don't like to complain or to surrender...but the fact is I am tired and that is ok.  We will be through this soon.  Both of my "big kids" have ear infections and one of them has a fierce case of pink eye...they will be better soon and in the meantime I will cuddle them and reassure them and care for them and also let them watch all the TV they want to and drink all the juice they want to.

Yesterday was a beautiful day outside - 60 degrees, a nice light breeze and warm sunshine.  I laced up my running shoes and headed out on one of my favorite trails for my first outdoor run since baby Gus was born.  I didn't wear my Garmin or pay much attention to the mile markers.  My goal was to run at a comfortable pace for 30 minutes.  It felt great.  I smiled the whole way (so much that my cheeks hurt!) and I did not take a single walk break, even up the hills.  It was glorious!! All the worries and exhaustion melted away while I was out on the trail.  I felt truly grateful.  Grateful that at 3 1/2 weeks postpartum I could run.  Grateful that my husband was at home with all three kids while I was out on my run (he even told me I looked cute as I headed out the door!).  Grateful for the fresh air and for the sunshine.

I'm sore today, especially in my glutes (thank you, hills).  A good kind of sore.  My 10 mile race is in about 5 weeks and I am working on a training plan to get myself ready for it.  I'm going to ease back into my running. I know it's important to really take it easy and to be patient with myself as I regain my fitness.  I'm looking forward to warmer weather and to sunnier days.  I'm looking forward to all the people in my family being healthy so we can enjoy being outside and being active together.  I'm tired, but I'm happy.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

the first mile

After spending the past week under quarantine due to a nasty virus that everyone in my family was infected with except for the newest member (THANK GOD), today I needed to run.  This momma has some pent up energy and steam to burn off not to mention about 10 pounds to lose and a core to strengthen.  I do still have a lingering cough and some sinus congestion but there was no question in my mind when I woke up this morning that today would be the day that I would attempt my first postpartum run.  Whatever pace and for however long my body (and my two boys) would give me.

After the regular crazy morning routine, I got dressed in my running clothes, fed the baby and piled everyone in the car to take Abby to school.  When we got home baby Gus was asleep in the car seat so I brought him and Will down to the basement right away.  I hoped he would sleep in the seat while I ran and Will played in the play room (also where my treadmill is).  It started off great and I was moving at a little slower than a 10 minute pace.  I made it to .81 mile before baby G started crying.  I hopped off the 'mill and rocked the car seat hoping he would fall back asleep.  No such luck.  I took him out and held him in my arms and he dozed back to sleep so I put him back down.  He woke up crying.  About a half hour later finally baby was asleep again and I hopped back on the treadmill - I got .20 in before he woke again with a giant poop and then he was ready to eat so my run was over.  But I ran a mile!  And it felt good.  I can't be upset about it getting interrupted - my baby is too sweet for that!  I am just happy to have been able to run today, three weeks postpartum, and I'm excited to run again soon.
baby Gus is three weeks old, and I ran my first mile today!

I have 6 weeks to prepare for my10 mile race on April 10th (which also happens to be my 35th birthday).  Today's run gave me the confidence I needed to know I will get there.  I am not setting any time goals ... I just want to complete all 10 miles and gain some of my fitness back to help me get ready to train for MCM later this spring/summer.  My core needs strengthening and I need to get used to running while nursing and just figure out the balance of being a mom to three while fitting time in for me and my running.

A mile is a mile though and I will take it.  I'm excited to do it again and regain my strength.

Friday, February 18, 2011

nursing and running...advice?

My baby boy is over two weeks old now and he is a dream.  He is eating great (already more than a pound bigger than when he was born!), sleeping well, giving me smiles and snuggles.  In so many ways I can't believe he is "only" 2 weeks old and in others it seems like he just got here.  I am so blessed.

It has been a wild week.  My 4 year old son Will came down with a high fever and stomach bug last week.  It lasted a day and thankfully he made a quick recovery and the rest of us stayed healthy.  Then 5 days later he came down with another high fever (almost 104 degrees), a cough and yucky nose.  Virus number 2 in a week...My husband also returned to work this week so I began my adventures of managing all three kids on my own while dealing with this virus.  It is a true juggling act --- balancing caring for my sick 4 year old  while also caring for my newborn and protecting him from the nasty virus.  Tough stuff.  Oh aaand we are getting a new roof put on our home today which just adds to the chaos.  It is not quiet around this house.

It is a beautiful morning though.  70 degrees in the middle of February.  Aaaahhh.  Yesterday I wore the baby and pushed Will on his trike through the neighborhood.  It was delightful.  Being outside in the fresh air does wonders for the body and spirit.  I can't wait to run free out there.  Amidst the craziness of life I am finding myself dreaming about my return to running every day.  I am SO ready to get on those trails again...but I have to wait until my body is recovered enough for that and the truth is that will probably be another week or so from now, at least.

I am thinking about it though...and I have some questions maybe you guys can help me with.  I am a nursing mom and my baby LOVES.TO.EAT.  This is awesome.  But my boobs are quite ... ahem ... shall we say, LARGE.  They are easily the size of small watermelons.  No joke.  And this is coming from someone who is NOT usually a very well endowed gal.  So I think I will need to buy new sports bras and perhaps double up on them.  I will feed the baby or pump prior to all of my runs.  I will have to hydrate extra well to keep my milk supply going strong...does anyone out there (all 27 of you!!) have experience running as a nursing momma?  I would love any advice or strategies you have that have worked well for you.  I plan to nurse my baby for a minimum of one year and hopefully longer than that.  I plan to be running all the while once my body gives me the green light to get started.  I want to do this intelligently and care for my baby and my body as best I can, so I am seeking good advice from other running mommies out there with the same priorities.

Thanks so much and HAPPY FRIDAY!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

oh boy!!!

My Sweet Gus

My new little baby boy Gus (Henry August Hofheimer) was born on Wednesday night February 2nd at 7:47pm.  He weighed a whopping 8 lbs 15 oz (my biggest baby by more than a pound!) and measured 21" long.  To say that I am happy, grateful and utterly in love is a mere understatement.  This little soul completes my family and fills my heart with pure joy!

I will find the time soon to tell you the whole amazing wonderful story of his birth.  But for now I just wanted to share the news and let you know he is healthy and happy...just like his momma.

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