Sunday, October 23, 2011

long run reflections

Today I hit the trail for my last long run in preparation for MCM next Sunday.

I hardly ran all week long - 12 miles total over the course of 6 days.  Do you know how crazy that made me?  Completely.  Completely Crazy.  But, I believe in the taper and know my legs need the rest so I that will be ready on race day.  So that there will be no doubt that maybe I did too much leading up to the race. 

My legs felt fresh today.  I was ready to run.  My long run pace has been a comfortable 9:00 mile this training season, and I knew that even though I felt like running faster than that today it was not wise to do so.  The first mile was too fast - 8:34 - but I pulled myself together and slowed down.  This is a skill I am going to need to be sure to have in those first several miles of the marathon on Sunday.  I do not want to go out too fast and risk burning out or hitting the wall later on.  My goal is to run negative splits and finish faster than I started.  My goal is to feel strong and powerful towards the end of my race, not defeated.

Mile 1 - 8:34
Mile 2 - 8:59
Mile 3 - 9:00
Mile 4 - 9:00
Mile 5 - 8:52
Mile 6 - 8:38
Mile 7 - 8:54
Mile 8 - 9:15
Mile 9 - 9:08
Mile 10 - 8:55

The last two miles of today's run were to be run at race pace.  I didn't exactly do that - the first mile was right on target but the second was too fast.  That's okay with me though.  I'm happy with how it went.  I felt strong and in control.

Mile 11 - 8:14
Mile 12 - 7:46

I am ready for my marathon next week.  I have put in all the work.  I have been smart.  It is time to trust in my training, time to believe in myself.


GREAT JOB!!!! You are going to rock this marathon. I can't wait to hear all about it. :)

Awesome!!! These are fantastic splits! A week from now, you will be basking in the glory of a huge PR!

Great pacing, Jessica! I totally understand about pulling back, especially during taper week. Holding back (and the craziness of taper) will all be worth it in one short week.

You're going to do awesome! It's my personal belief that the taper is designed to drive you crazy. Believe in your training, you've got this!

This is incredible! You are going to be so strong Jessica! It has been wonderful to follow your training!!

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