Thursday, June 16, 2011

three things

1.  Saturday is the first official day of marathon training!!  I am so excited, I can hardly stand it.  I'm doing my training this year with Potomac River Running store's Distance Training Program.  I've never been coached as a runner before and I am so excited for the experience.  Tonight the store is hosting all of us for a little party to meet the coaches and fellow runners, learn more details about the program and get some of our program schwag (water bottle, t-shirt).  I. cannot. wait.

2. I have been very good about using the foam roller on my hips, hammies and IT bands these past few weeks.  I usually am only sort of good about rolling things out and stretching after a long hard run but lately I've just been making myself use it no matter what, after any run.  It's not the most pleasant feeling endeavor while doing it, but wow it makes a big difference!  I'm going to remain dedicated to the foam roller this marathon season and also be good about stretching.   Especially my hamstrings.  Those suckers are tight.

3. This week I did my first spinning class since before I was pregnant, over a year ago!  I forgot how much I love spinning.  It is awesome exercise and really makes me sweat.  I love that I can completely get in "the zone" while on the bike and push myself to those limits.  My favorite teacher does a Tuesday morning class that should fit nicely with my schedule through the summer and even into the fall, so I'm planning to make it a regular part of my routine.  Biking should build up my quad strength and of course help with cardiovascular fitness.  Plus, it's fun.  The only downside is my poor butt hurts from that darn seat, but I will get used to it and that side-effect should fizzle out soon. 

What are you doing for cross-training?  How do you keep your muscles supple and stretched?  Do you use the foam roller or stick regularly?


I'm so bad about cross training! Eric bought me a groupon for hot yoga in Reston so I am going to be trying that soon :)

I need to get a foam roller! I adore spin class, I think it's one of the best forms of cross training you can do!

If your training group is anything like the one here, you are going to love it!

Training groups are the best, and so is the foam roller. Smart to stay on top of it. I love swimming and cycling for crosstraining, probably b/c I began as a triathlete.

My butt hurt SO bad when I got back to spinning. (My baby is 11 wks old) after about 5-6 classes I'm starting to get used to it again!

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