Monday, March 21, 2011

together again

I ran 5 miles yesterday and had company - my sister Jodi!  It was wonderful.  I'm sore, but the kind of sore that lets me know I worked all the right muscles and I will be stronger because of it.  It was SO nice to be out there with my sister.  She has been training hard for National Marathon and is going to ROCK IT on Saturday!!

sisters ready for a run!!

Today I ran 20 minutes on the treadmill - 2 miles.  I felt really great.  I'm taking it easy and finding that the more I run, the better I feel.  Running is HARD.  But the pay off is great.


The pay of is great and well worth it. Good luck with your running

Love the new blog name :) I found a old-school camera type thing on my phone too! Hooray :) Thanks for showing me. I love the pic of you and Jodi. Can't wait to see how she does this weekend!

I love you so very much! I am so proud of you. I love your determination and strong drive

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