Sunday, October 31, 2010

marathon day!

I set my alarm for 4:45 this morning.  My clothes were already laid out so I could quickly and quietly get dressed without waking anyone in the house.  Pretty much standard pre-race ritual stuff.  This morning I'm heading to the city for Marine Corps Marathon, only of course I'm not actually running it this time (not the whole thing, anyway).  Instead, I'm picking up my sister, my client Paul and another running buddy Justin to drive them all down there and see them off at the start.  It is going to be a great day.

I'm so proud of each of them for training smart and hard to get themselves to the start line today.  It is a tremendous accomplishment.  I'm grateful to be there to support them and all the other runners out on the course on this beautiful day.  I have never really spectated this race before and I'm excited to witness the power of my favorite marathon from a new perspective.

Marathon day makes me giddy!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

three more months...

three months from today is my due date.  the end of this pregnancy is in sight and i know these next few months will fly quickly with all the holidays and the craziness that comes along with them.  i'm excited and am starting to really dream about so much that is on the horizon.  i'm trying to be "in the moment" and relish and enjoy this pregnancy as much as i can...but it is hard not to look ahead and get so excited about this baby!!!

oh, and i am also looking forward to reclaiming my body, to running and challenging myself the way i used to again.  i've been tempted to sign up for the national half in march, but decided i'm going to wait until after the baby is born and see how i'm doing.  i am going to try to get into the cherry blossom 10 miler though and am hoping that will likely be my first post-baby race.  i think by early april i should be ready to do that, especially since i will have a treadmill by then.  fingers crossed i get lucky with the lottery again!

i've been continuing with my running but there is a lot of walking going on these days and that is ok with me.  i'm also still teaching pilates twice a week and doing it as much as i can.  plus, once a week i've been going to a "body pump" class at my gym...SO not my style but it has been great for me.  it's nice to be in a room filled with women working to make themselves stronger and it gives me a little extra boost of motivation that i really need sometimes.  the class is lots of squats and lunges and then small muscle group weights like shoulders, biceps and triceps.  i hope to keep doing it through the next three months.  aaaaand, crazy me signed up for the jingle all the way 10k in dc which is on dec 12th, about 5 weeks to my due date.  i'm not even planning to run it - just walk it - but i am sooo excited about it!

hope everyone is having a happy thursday!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

and tomorrow he turns 4...

my little buddy turns 4 tomorrow.  i cannot believe it!  the time has just passed by so quickly and ever since he was born our lives have been overflowing with love, adventure and sheer happiness.  i love my little guy so much and am grateful each and every day that he is in my life.  i can't wait to celebrate his birthday tomorrow!  i have always loved birthdays and admittedly go nuts over them but as soon as i had kids my excitement went to a whole new level.

i have breakfast muffins in the oven (pumpkin, his favorite this time of year), made a giant "4" out of cardboard and glitter to hang from the ceiling above his seat at the breakfast table, am decorating the kitchen with birthday banners, lights and streamers and tonight while he is sleeping we are filling his room with a slew of helium-filled balloons in every color of the rainbow (a family tradition we started when his older sister turned 2) so he will wake to a happy celebration.  i'm not sure who is more excited...me or him!!

backing up a bit, part of the reason i have been bad about the blogging is that we had a big scare this weekend with will's health.  we were in va beach at my in-laws' for a close friend's wedding.  robert and i left for the wedding saturday evening along with his parents and a babysitter who has watched my kids many times (and who we know well and all really adore) came over to watch the kids for us.  the babysitter is very familiar with will's allergies and is trained to give epi and handle anaphylactic reactions if she needs to.  my point here is that we completely did (and still do) trust her with our children.  i prepared the kids' dinner before we left and made sure it was all "safe" for him and that the sitter had the emergency kit with benadryl/epi just in case.  anyway, despite all of that we got a phone call just after the wedding ceremony -- when the sitter was feeding the kids dinner he asked for some milk (he meant soy milk, that is all he knows) but she reached in my in-laws fridge and poured him a glass of cow's milk without thinking.  as soon as will took one sip he immediately said his throat was hurting and that he was itchy and actually asked her if it was cow's milk!  she called me right away as she realized her mistake and how dangerous it was (my son has several life-threatening food allergies and milk is at THE TOP of the list).  we were 40 minutes away.  it was agony.  long story short she gave him 2 tsp of benadryl right away and then when she was getting ready to give him epi (at this point his whole face and his top lip were very swollen and he was bright red all over and was having difficulty breathing...although he was acting ok telling her he wanted to go play on the beach!) he began to vomit violently so i just told her to CALL 911 right away and hung up the phone.  robert and i hopped in the car with his parents and we sped to the hospital.  i was beyond scared and upset and we had TOO FAR to drive to get to my baby.  the ambulance came right away and took care of him and rushed him to the hospital.  he had to go in the ambulance all by himself though, which i was so upset about - my kid hates even going to the doctor! - and i was imagining him feeling so scared and traumatized the whole way there.  the babysitter gave me one of the paramedic's phone numbers and it was great to talk with him on the way.  he assured me will was going to be ok and that he was not scared.  we got to the hospital just as will did (thanks to my father-in-law driving 90mph on the way there!) and it was so wonderful to see my baby boy.  i could not stop crying and was just so grateful he was ok.  i hopped right on the hospital bed with him and snuggled him and he looked at me and said "mamma, why are you crying?" which only made me cry more.  he was so brave.  his face was still red and puffy and his big brown eyes were all blood shot from such violent vomiting (he even had popped little capillaries in his cheeks) but he looked so sweet and calm.  when i asked him if it was scary in the ambulance he said "actually, it was kind of exciting" and went on to tell me that it was not scary and that the guys who took care of him were so nice.  the paramedics loved him and you could tell...they even gave him fist bumps when they had to say goodbye!  it was a terrifying experience for all of us and i feel like in a lot of ways i'm still recovering from it emotionally.  i have known about will's allergies and the severity of them since he was 9 months old...and we really have a good handle on things i believe.  but that was a wakeup call.  i try to make sure he knows about his allergies and that he is careful and self-aware but i also want him to feel free to be a kid like every other kid out there.  just the day before i brought him to one of his classmate's birthday parties at chuck e. cheese's.  what do they serve there?  pizza.  covered in drippy cheese which would be deadly for him.  but i was NOT going to let him miss out!  and he had a great time!  i packed his lunch, made him special cupcakes, and was there to watch closely to make sure he was safe and he had just as much fun (if not more!) as every other kid there.  i guess you can never be too careful and can't let your guard down.

a few things i learned from the experience:

1) always go with your gut when it comes to your kids.  i knew in my heart what had to be done that night...but every bone in my body did not want to do it!  i had to go with it though and am so glad that i did.
2) even when you cover all your bases...things can go wrong...and you need to be prepared for that JUST IN CASE.
3) my son is amazing amazing amazing. that little boy is the strongest, bravest, smartest, most self-aware person i have ever known.  i am so proud of him every day and am so grateful to be blessed to be his mother.  we have so much to learn from our children.
4) my 5 year old daughter is completely incredible.  she looks out for her brother and steps up when she needs to (and when she is not expected to).  the paramedics (and the sitter) told me that she was calm and comforting to will the whole time.  she was very worried about him though and the next morning and for a day or two after she would not let him out of her site, even if he wanted her to leave him alone!

i am going to celebrate will's birthday with extra zing and gratitude tomorrow.  and to top it all off, on saturday we have a spider man birthday party happening at our house in honor of him.  i can't wait.

Friday, October 15, 2010

crazy lady. A.K.A me

Yep. I am convinced that I am crazy.  But all the things that make me crazy also make me really happy so it is just the choice I make I guess.  When you have a lot of passions and you allow yourself to dive into them ... well it can make you feel a little nuts at times.  In a good way, but nuts.

Today was one of those days.  I have been working really hard with my good friend and business partner Debbie to get our little business sugar cone off the ground.  Today was a big day for us.  We are officially working with our first retailer, Dawn Price Baby!  DPB is a high end baby and children's boutique with two shops in DC (one in Georgetown and one in Capitol Hill) and she is selling our growth charts in both locations as well as on her web site.  It has been almost a year since I first started talking with Dawn about working with her.  She is an incredible person - a mom of 3 and a business owner and I feel like she took us under her wing and has really helped us so much.  And now here we go - in a real store!  Wow.  And last weekend we had a booth at a local arts festival and in addition to taking orders and getting incredible feedback we also met another retailer who wants to work with us.  We have a meeting with her next week. I am so happy and scared all at the same time.

In other completely unrelated news, I did a "body pump" class at the gym yesterday.  That was interesting.  I'm not usually a big fan of classes like that (really the only classes I like are yoga and pilates), but I thought I would give it a try.  I'm sore today so I think it did something for me.  It was a lot of squats and lunges - definitely targeting areas I am concerned about right now.  This weekend I plan to go for a run on Sunday by myself on the trail.  I can't wait.  Curious to see what pace and mileage my body will give me, but mostly I'm just looking forward to being outside and moving!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Today I had my 24 week check up at the doctor.  All is looking good with the baby and with me, "text book" as he put it.  I love my doctor.  I really do.  He is really great at what he does and is kind and smart and real.  The only thing is, today he said to me "so I see you have had a good appetite" as he was reviewing my chart.  Okay, here is the thing...I don't even know exactly how much weight I've gained.  I didn't want to look at the scale in the office today.  Based on the last time I weighed myself at home, I'm pretty sure I've gained around 20 pounds at this point in my pregnancy.  I try not to worry too much about it... but let's face it I am a girl and gaining weight is NO fun, no matter what the reason is.  I'm a lot less active than I'm used to being.  I am still running but a lot slower and a lot less far and less often than I used to.  I am eating, mostly healthy choices, but definitely more often than I eat when I'm not pregnant.  If I haven't eaten in a few hours my blood sugar gets wacky and I feel nauseous.  That's just the way it is when I'm pregnant.  This is how it went with my last two pregnancies too and with my daughter I gained 53 pounds and with my son I gained 40 pounds.  That is a 13 pound difference and I swear I did not do anything different with those two pregnancies!  So this time around I'm expecting to gain somewhere in that range and just do not want to focus on the numbers.  I told my doctor not to talk to me about the weight gain unless he is concerned.  He assured me that he is NOT AT ALL concerned one bit, that he thinks I will probably come in at about a 35 pound weight gain, maybe 40, by the time the baby is born.  So I am relieved about that but just WISH he had not remarked that he could tell I was eating well...I am sensitive!!  Anyway I just wanted to vent here, so thanks for listening.

Monday, October 11, 2010

a real treat

yesterday morning my family and i hit the trails for some exercise - all of us.  abby (5), will (almost 4) and i all laced up our running shoes and my husband robert hopped on his bike with the trailer hitched up for when the kids got tired.

the kids were SO excited to be going on a run with me and could not believe that i was letting them accompany me on the trails without "Big Orange" (as we so fondly call our awesome double BOB running stroller).  we walked to the trailhead and then they stretched a little before we started on our way.  abby was hilarious - she explained very insistently before we left the house that she would NEED me to bring her "some of those running treatments, those candies that give me energy" so i threw a pack of sport beans in the bike trailer and told them they could each have one at the halfway point.

they hit the pavement with exhilarating speed - it was so cute to watch as they ran in front of me at what i knew was the fastest they could go.  then...they stopped.  "i'm soooo tired!" they would both say.  so i talked to them about how this run was not a race and they slowed down a bit to stay nearer to me.  i had to explain over and over (and over and over...) again that they needed to stay to the right because the trail was busy.  they tried hard to obey the rules.  every time we passed a runner or biker they were so happy to say good morning and to brag that they were on a run with their mommy.  it made my heart swell with joy - here i am 24 weeks pregnant (and REALLY showing it!), running with my two enthusiastic and grateful children.  my husband biking at the pace of a snail to be there in support.  it was a good morning!!

when we made it to the half mile marker they were excited and of course each got a sport bean (yay!) and drank some water.  we pushed on to the complete a mile, still going in the same direction.  they both really wanted to quit before we hit the mile marker but i was able to convince them to keep going.  once we made it a whole mile they were SO happy!  it was adorable!  i wasn't timing us, but i am pretty sure that with all the stops and starts and walk breaks it took us 20 minutes.  it was fun though!

they hopped in the bike trailer with robert at that point and i ran alone for a little while.  robert came biking back in my direction after i had gone about a mile though - both kids were crying and complaining that they wanted to be with me.  i was trying to make it to three miles out (so i would do a total of 6) and deliver water to my running buddies who were on a 20 miler along the trail, but they passed me before that point so robert was going to bike ahead with the water for them instead.  the kids wanted to stick with me, which meant we were turning around and the kids and i would do 2 miles to get  home.  we mostly walked those 2 miles, and they complained nearly the whole way.  their legs were tired.  they just wanted to be home.  why was home SO far away??  it was amazing to me...this was really far for them to go on those little legs and they were dealing with their inner demons telling them it was time to GIVE UP.  but there was no choice.  to get home, we had to use our legs and try our best to be positive and not think about how bad we might be feeling.  so we made up a story and started with chapter one...after a few minutes imaginations were running wild and we have a tale filled with characters (a pink bunny named cherry who drove an ice cream truck, a red dragon named thunder and a Bakugan named "Bak") who were on an adventure trying to get to the very top of a giant ice cream cone.  it was fun and all three of us forgot about our complaints and before we knew it, we were home.

of course, when we got home they both thought it very important to celebrate with an after run treat.  so at 10:00 in the morning they each had a sugar cone filled with chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips on top.  i skipped on the morning dessert, but my post-run treat was the pure joy and happiness in my heart and in the hearts of my children.

Friday, October 8, 2010

catching up a bit

so it has been almost 2 weeks since my last post.  yikes.  life has gotten in the way, i guess!  all things mostly good - my younger sister alissa was here for 10 days with her 20 month old son, miles.  she is my soul mate and we just don't get much time together since she lives in rochester, ny...so i relished all the time she was here and didn't spend much time on my computer.  oh and all of us got sick while she was here, so that played a part, too!

i have been running a bit...slowly...but that's ok by me.  i'm not really running with my usual crew anymore.  they're all getting ready to run MCM in a few weeks and their mileage and pace are just out of my league right now.  this sunday i am going to have a new running partner - my 5 year old daughter, abby.  she started playing "blast ball" recently (a modified version of tee ball) and we bought her brand new running shoes and running shorts.  she is very proud to have clothes just like mine!  so i told her that on sunday we will go for a mommy/abby run just the two of us.  i cannot wait and neither can she!  i have tonia at racing with babes to thank for the inspiration to do this with abby.  she wrote a post the other day about running with her girls that just made me smile from the inside out and i have really been enjoying reading about her experiences running with her 5 year old.  thanks, tonia!!!!!!

tomorrow my little business sugar cone is going to have a booth at the fairfax fall festival.  i am sooo excited, and completely nervous.  my business partner and dear friend debbie and i have been devoting a lot of time and energy into this little business and tomorrow is a big day for us.  fingers crossed all goes well!

have a great weekend!!

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