Friday, September 24, 2010

beautiful sister, beautiful friend

This morning my sister Jodi sent me a quote she received from Runner's World and I just had to share because it resonated so deeply with me.

There is something beautiful about working so hard that you are reduced to silence next to your friends.  Some friendships never get to the level where silence is comfortable, let alone productive or healing.  Some friends will never understand the unspoken.
-Kristin Armstrong, author and runner

Me and Jodi before a track workout, 2010
My sister Jodi is my running buddy (to put it in the simplest of terms).  We have a connection that runs deep, and is only made stronger when we are out on the trails and roads running or racing together.  Or apart.  The connection is always there, no matter what.  Usually very few words are exchanged between the two of us when we are running.  After a bit of silence one of us might go to say something only to be interrupted by the other laughing and smiling because she was about to say the same exact thing.  When we're not running though and are just in the midst of our daily lives, we talk a few times a day and chatter non stop with a natural ease and comfortable openness that is completely uncensored.

Jodi and me after a 12 mile training run, 2010
Can you relate to this, too?  Do you have running buddies who you connect with on that level?


Beautiful post!

I love Kristin Armstrong as well, she writes so eloquently.

My sisters don't run, but if they did I am sure it would be another strong bond between us.

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